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Art Studio Hemminki

Panu Hemminki has worked as an artist in Ostrobothnia since 1994. Although his pieces include watercolours, he mainly works in acrylics and oils. Hemminki always aims for the best possible quality, using the best materials for his works. His body of works includes paintings in both modern and traditional styles. He also produces portraits and other works to order with a satisfaction guarantee. Over the years, Hemminki’s works have been presented in dozens of joint and solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His works have been bought into about a thousand private collections. Panu Hemminki is an entrepreneur who enjoys challenges. Contact us!

Hemminki’s style

Hemminki primarily paints in a surrealist and fantastical style but he also produces traditional landscapes and naïve and abstract works. He has developed a unique style, Ostrobothnian surrealism, which merges traditional Ostrobothnian elements with imaginary worlds and subconscious motifs and symbols. He wants to create unique, interesting pictures that reflect our wonderful, diverse reality and provoke thoughts and emotions. He has a desire to make the invisible, mysterious world visible through his art, as the famous surrealist painter Paul Klee has stated. His art encompasses religious and scientific perspectives and pondering. The artist’s motto is the famous quote by Albert Einstein: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. He believes that we can use art to create a visual representation of the fantastic form of our universe, in which people interact in a small but significant role. Art can bring empowering and sacred moments into our humdrum everyday existence.

Welcome to Art Studio Hemminki in Lapua!

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