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Lappajärvi Dyeing Mill

Lappajärvi Dyeing Mill’s factory outlet is a treasure trove for handicraft enthusiasts! We offer Finland’s most extensive selection of dyed handicraft materials. With experience spanning more than 40 years, we dye natural materials for companies and private customers. In our shop, you can find cotton tricot and tube yarn, linen twine and yarn, Europe’s most extensive selection of paper yarn, dyed and tarred jute, sisal, wool, arts and crafts materials and accessories. We also offer final items of batches and products with minor flaws at reduced prices.

At our shop, you can stock up on materials, make finds and discover inspiration and new ideas from our selection of free instructions. Our dyeing operations have been granted the Key Flag Symbol, indicating that our products are made in Finland.

Here, you can discover the joy of making things with your own hands!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10 am–4 pm

In July also on Saturdays 10 am–2 pm

For groups
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