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Mallaskoski Brewery and brewery shop

One of Finland’s oldest small-scale breweries, Seinäjoki-based Mallaskoski draws its inspiration from the dark corners of the Ostrobothnian soul. At Mallaskoski, the sun does not shine, life does not smile at you and small talk is pointless.

In 2021, the brewery celebrated an important milestone: 100 years had passed since the brewery’s founder Johan Wallenius began to brew beer by the roaring rapids.

Operations still continue in the same location, using the same yeast with the same traditional skills. A brewery restaurant operates in connection with the brewery, offering great views over the foaming Seinäjoki rapids from its outdoor seating area.

You are welcome to visit us to learn more about the operations of the brewery and drop by our brewery shop, where you can buy all our beverages with an alcohol content of less than 12%. The selection can be viewed on our website.

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