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Restaurant Huipulla

Located at the bottom of Joupiska Ski Centre’s slopes, Restaurant Huipulla offers a handy place to enjoy a meal between activities such as mountain biking or skiing. This relaxed restaurant welcomes you as you are: you can pop in straight from the ski slopes or nature trails to savour a snack and a hot drink.

Our menu offers something for everyone. The restaurant’s popular home-cooked lunch also attracts locals on their lunch break, and no wonder as the restaurant takes special pride in its lunch, which always features tasty home-cooked food, including sauces prepared from scratch. A vegan option is also available every day. We only use Finnish meat, most of which is sourced locally from Ilmajoen Makkaramestarit. Our lunch includes a diverse and fresh salad buffet. You can find our lunch menu on the Ilkka-Pohjalainen lunch place list.

In addition to our lunch services, we run an American-style BBQ restaurant, Peak´s BBQ. We cook meat and other barbecue delicacies using a genuine BBQ Smoker, designed in collaboration with a local metalworker. A new addition to our services is Peak´s BRGR, an American-style burger joint which offers a selection of delicious burgers and finger food. You can find the BBQ menu and the BRGR menu on the restaurant website.

Restaurant Huipulla also offers an excellent setting for events of various sizes and types. We can seat 160 people indoors, with more space available in our outdoor seating area, which is licensed to serve alcohol. Meetings can be arranged downstairs, where you will find an inviting fireplace room, which has space for 20 people and a separate meeting room with space for 40. This floor also houses spacious sauna facilities, with space for up to 40 people, where refreshments are available to order.

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