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Vimpeli Church

Vimpeli’s log-built church is given its round appearance by its design with 12 corners. This design is generally considered to be practical and pleasant because all parishioners attending a service have a view of the altar and the pulpit, and the space feels open and airy.

The design of the church was inspired by Roman architecture. The Swedish king Gustav III took a liking to the Pantheon, a former Roman temple, and ordered his state architects to draw churches in a similar design. Vimpeli church was built by church builder Jacob Riif, who is believed to have drawn inspiration from Hämeenlinna’s round church. Vimpeli Church remained Riif’s last major project and his only round church made of wood. The church was built in 1807 and consecrated in 1811. Vimpeli was the last of Järviseutu’s parishes to get its own church.

The altarpiece, which depicts  Jesus on the cross, was painted by R.V. Ekman in 1872. The oldest items in the church date from the early 19th century. These include a chasuble, silver chalice and ciborium for the consecrated hosts.

An organ was installed in the church in 1944. Built by the Kangasala organ factory, the pneumatic, 15-stop organ has two manuals and two additional stops.

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