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Vinola Wine & Bistro

Vinola is a relaxed and atmospheric bistro and wine bar, which leans in a southerly direction in a culinary and a physical sense.

Located on the edge of Seinäjoki’s Keskustori market square, the historical Vaasantalo building slid into a worksite excavation in May 2016. During a two-year repair project, the building was hoisted on supports but it is still on a slant. The restaurant leans south. This event marked the beginning of our story and gave our restaurant its name Vinola, which comes from the Finnish word for leaning. Vinola began operations in Vaasantalo on the edge of Keskustori in July 2019.

Our kitchen draws inspiration from the relaxed culinary culture of southern Europe, giving it a special twist with locally-produced Finnish ingredients. Our menu includes classic Italian, French and Spanish dishes. To round off the meal, you can savour our delicious homemade ice creams.

Wines are Vinola’s specialty. Our wine list varies daily, and our staff are more than happy to tell you more about our wines. Here you can learn from the best experts in town!

Welcome to our leaning house!

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