Kosola House

Built in 1861, Kosola House has witnessed many interesting historical events. It epitomises South Ostrobothnian history and its special characteristics: knife-fighters and local sheriffs, its enterprising spirit, the promotion of learning, thriving agriculture, and popular movements such as youth associations, migration to America, pietism, the Jaeger movement and the nationalist Lapua movement. The house and …

Hiekkaranta Bed & Breakfast

Charming and cosy accommodation on the shore of Kuortaneenjärvi. The main building houses 9 rooms for 2 to 4 people and accommodation for travellers with dogs is available in other buildings in the yard area. Guests also have access to two lakeshore saunas, a barbecue shelter, a trampoline and bicycles.

Wild Adventure Finland – Adventures in the great outdoors

An adventure is a shared, memorable experience that offers something unique and surprising. An adventure is always personal and affecting, something that we define ourselves. Something that we may not have to travel far to find. Based in Seinäjoki, Wild Adventure Finland is a travel service provider that offers opportunities for experiencing adventures, surpassing your …

Ski Factory Museum

The Vimpeli Ski Factory Museum offers an introduction to ski manufacturing and tools and machines used, as well as skis from various eras. The collection also includes a large number of pictures of the manufacturing and transport of skis from the war period to the present day. The ski factory building was completed in the …

Finnish Baseball Museum

The Finnish Baseball Museum invites you to explore the history of this sport since it was first developed by Tahko Pihkala. The exhibition includes kits and equipment used by various teams and medals. The Vimpeli Ski Factory Museum is located in connection with the Finnish Baseball Museum.