Food and drink

South Ostrobothnia is known for its regional delicacies. You can stop at one of our many farm shops to buy fresh food to take to a summer cottage or home, for example. South Ostrobothnia is also experiencing a boom in the restaurant sector. Sampling tasty new dishes is often one of the most memorable experiences of your holiday so make mealtimes matter, whether you are enjoying authentic home cooking for lunch at a café or spending an evening in good company in a fine dining restaurant.


On holiday, you want to enjoy special experiences – and what could be better than have someone else cook for you? In South Ostrobothnia, food is authentic and prepared from local ingredients with great care and skill. Don’t waste time! Just browsing the restaurant selection is enough to make your mouth water.


A cup of coffee, please! Finns love their coffee, and café culture is going strong in South Ostrobothnia. We believe that search for the perfect slice of chocolate cake is reason enough to go on a weekend trip!