Hotels and spas

What kind of a hotel are you looking for? South Ostrobothnia offers a wide range of options for holidays and work trips. If you would like to stay in a small and unique place, you are spoilt for choice here. How about a suite in a tower, a room with access to a spa and a golf course, or a high-quality hotel right in the centre?

Cottages and farmhouse B&Bs

A perfect solution for a relaxing holiday is farmhouse accommodation, with South Ostrobothnia offering something to suit every taste. We can also make your dreams come true if you are looking for a break in a cottage far from city life. Read more about the high-quality cottages and farmhouse B&Bs in South Ostrobothnia.

Campsites and caravan parks

With mobile homes and caravans becoming increasingly popular, South Ostrobothnia makes an excellent place for a stop on your road trip. Our high-quality campsites and caravan services offer a wide range of things to do and experience for visitors of all ages. If you are yet to experience life on the road, now is the time to try it.