Southern Ostrobothnian and Central Finnish characteristics come together in Alajärvi, which is also the hub for local commercial and educational operations and municipal services. In Alajärvi, residents and visitors can spend time in safe, pleasant and architecturally valuable surroundings amid green spaces and lake scenery.


The main attraction in Alavus is Keskinen Brothers’ Village Shop in Tuuri. In addition to offering a unique atmosphere, the shopping centre houses almost a hundred high-quality stores and service providers. With its fun Moomin playground, Tuuri offers things to do for the whole family.

At Tuuri, you can also visit numerous events ranging from the Miljoona Rock Festival and karaoke competitions to flea markets and the Finger Wrestling World Cup event. These events feature Finland’s biggest stars in the fields of music, stand-up and vlogging.



With about 2,000 residents, Isojoki, the southernmost town in South Ostrobothnia, makes an impact bigger than its size. It is known for its community-spirited, warm and human-centred atmosphere. The local dialect has a word that describes Isojoki to a tee: kökkä, which refers to an occasion of volunteers coming together to carry out communal work. Working together to achieve joint goals is one of its main strengths.


Kuortane Sports Resort offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities. An excellent selection of well-being tests and a wide range of physical fitness activities make your stay at Kuortane a memorable experience. We offer tennis and golf courses, subsidised holidays and camps for children and adults, as well as numerous other activities.

For fitness enthusiasts, Kuortane offers endless options. Activities range from golf to fishing and scuba-diving at the Kaatiala quarry. For collectors of jewels and other stones, Kaatiala makes an interesting place to visit, thanks to its leftover stone piles.


Kurikka’s numerous nature trails offer ideal conditions for hiking. A popular route running through Jyllinkoski woods is particularly beautiful. Other popular hiking routes include the Nuijapolku, Karhunpolku, Korven Jotos, Kurjen kierros and Sällinpolku trails. In Ylivalli, Jalasjärvi, you can explore the mythical Devil’s Nest, a cavity formed over millions of years, which was believed to be the devil’s hiding place. In some parts, the cavity is up to 23 metres deep. The area houses a 21-metre viewing tower, a summer café and hut, a statue of the Finnish comedian Spede Pasanen, a one-kilometre nature trail and a signposted 7.5 km hiking route through the beautiful countryside.


Lappajärvi, with 3,000 residents, is located on the shore of a crater lake created when a meteorite hit the ground on the site. Its population expands significantly in the summer, when summer residents and holidaymakers return to the area’s 1,100 holiday homes. The spectacular scenery and the recreational activities offered by its lakeside location make Lappajärvi a pleasant place to visit and live.


Seinäjoki has become known for its numerous events. Established in 1979, Provinssi is one Finland’s largest rock festivals. The three-day festival attracts tens of thousands of visitors every June. July is an action-packed month in Seinäjoki. The Tangomarkkinat tango festival offers high emotion and memorable experiences and invites visitors to enjoy concerts, dances, dance competitions and performances by popular artists. Seinäjoki’s Race & Rock Festival brings together motor sports and music. During the event, visitors can enjoy live music on the streets of Seinäjoki on three evenings and watch racing for two days. Arranged in August, the Solar Sound Festival brings the best urban and electronic music to Seinäjoki.


Soini offers natural beauty and stunning hiking routes amid varied terrain formed by strangmoors, numerous lakes and handsome ridges. The area also boasts South Ostrobothnia’s highest point, Raitamäki. In Soini, visitors can experience colourful stories, old traditions and mythical nature in all seasons. Because the area lies above sea level, snow cover is guaranteed in winter.