Isojoki – Finland’s kökkä capital!

With about 2,000 residents, Isojoki, the southernmost town in South Ostrobothnia, makes an impact bigger than its size. It is known for its community-spirited, warm and human-centred atmosphere. The local dialect has a word that describes Isojoki to a tee: kökkä, which refers to an occasion of volunteers coming together to carry out communal work. Working together to achieve joint goals is one of its main strengths. The town’s sense of safety and beautiful natural surroundings make it an ideal place to live in and visit. Its outdoor activities and inviting atmosphere encourage visitors to come back time and again. Isojoki offers plenty to see, do and experience!

In addition to the services and sights on offer in the centre, the best thing about Isojoki is Lauhanvuori and Lauhanvuori National Park. From the top of Western Finland’s highest point, you can enjoy panoramic views over Ostrobothnian forests, all the way to the sea. The region’s vast pine and spruce forests hide coastal formations created in the aftermath of the Ice Age, beautiful waterways, stunning springs, expansive shingle beaches and easy-to-navigate nature trails. Situated next to the national park, Kangasjärvi is a beautiful clear-watered lake, which offers comprehensive campsite services on its shores. For a longer stay, you can find cottage accommodation amid beautiful natural surroundings from the selection on offer at the Lauhansarvi nature travel centre or other rental cottage providers. In 2020, the Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas area achieved the sought-after status of UNESCO Geopark.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy everything Isojoki has to offer!