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Farm holidays at Ilomäki

Ilomäki Farm Holidays offers cottage accommodation, authentic farm life, and the tranquility of the plains all year round in Peräseinäjoki, Seinäjoki in South Ostrobothnia.

A visit to Ilomäki evokes nostalgic memories of the countryside, perhaps reminiscent of one’s own grandparents’ farm: the scent of hay, petting farm animals, and enjoyable moments together. Many parents also want to pass on these heartwarming experiences to their own children. Similarly, those who appreciate the rural atmosphere have embraced Ilomäki, including business travelers seeking a countryside ambiance. Travelers are welcome guests at the farm, invited to observe farm life and immerse themselves in the peacefulness of the countryside.

Ilomäki Farm has been in operation since 1827. Farm accommodation began in 1999 and has since expanded. The farm now offers seven different cottages, accommodating 2 to 8 people each. In addition, there are a couple of high-quality holiday homes available for rent at Kalajärvi Tourist Center, located approximately 6 kilometers away.

Encountering animals is one of the highlights for children—and even adults—during a farm visit. The farm is home to horses, sheep, and rabbits, bringing joy to both the residents and visitors. Ilomäki also offers relaxed family and group activities such as nature excursions, a lean-to shelter, sauna, and a hot tub. The farm’s ambiance alone is often enough to provide a memorable experience. For those seeking more activities, the vacation can be combined with nearby attractions such as Ideapark Seinäjoki, Tuuri, PowerPark, Duudson Activity Park, or the famous Ähtäri Zoo known for its pandas. Ilomäki’s central location in the plains of South Ostrobothnia allows for further exploration of the region, and returning to the farm after adventures feels like coming home.

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