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Villa Ursus

Villa Ursus offers a unique and high-quality accommodation experience located within Ähtäri Zoo. The cottage is elevated above the zoo’s fences, providing a direct view of the bear enclosure. Villa Ursus has its own entrance from Karhunkierros Road. From the large window, guests can enjoy observing the antics of the bear brothers Kasper, Jesper, and Joonatan while relaxing on the plush bed.

The combination of nature, starry skies, upscale accommodation, privacy, and, of course, the bears, offers a fantastic opportunity to unwind amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A night at Villa Ursus in Ähtäri Zoo can be a special time for couples, a shared adventure for a parent and child, a milestone celebration, a wedding night, a fun gift idea, or simply a delightful experience for oneself. Activities such as visiting Ähtäri Zoo, the spa, bowling alley, nature trails, and restaurants are all within a short walking distance.

This incredible experience package also includes admission tickets to the Wildlife Park, the Panda House, and the Farm. Additionally, guests can enjoy evening and morning access to the spa facilities and breakfast at Hotel Mesikämmen.

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