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Kalajärvi geological nature trail

The trail passes in the immediate vicinity of the Kalajärvi tourism area. Along the trail, there are information boards allowing you to test your knowledge of nature, and which guide the hiker’s way. The first leg of the trail is accessible until the rest stop, and so is the side path leading to a logging cabin. A nature observation forest presents interesting things about forests. The diversified services of the Kalajärvi recreation area also offer other interesting experiences along the nature trail. After the hike, you can go for a swim, play minigolf, bicycle, or enjoy the offerings of the restaurant.

To the starting point of the trail

Starting point 1

Kalajärvi parking area
Kalajärventie 6, Seinäjoki (Peräseinäjoki)
(WGS84) N62 34.471 E23 06.408

The starting point with its information board is located next to the parking area, on the opposite side of Kalajärventie
Road: (WGS84) N62 34.464 E23 06.394

Starting point 2

Parking area north of Alavudentie Road (road number 672)
at the junction of Kalajärventie Road, Seinäjoki (Peräseinäjoki)
(WGS84) N62 34.559 E23 06.328

Trail description

The 3.8-km circle trail passes in the immediate vicinity of the Kalajärvi tourism and recreation area. The nature trail mostly goes through commercial forests, in a pinedominated heath terrain. The information boards along the trail offer a lot of interesting information about nature. The nature trail is suitable as a daytime trip destination for example for beginners and families with children. The first leg of the trail, of 1.1 km, is also suitable for physically impaired hikers. The starting points of the trail are equipped with good info boards about the trail. The accessible leg of the trail is signposted with blue wheelchair signs and elsewhere with blue circles. Moreover, along the trail, there are signposts and information boards showing your position. At 1.1 km from the starting point, there is a lean-to equipped with firewood and an accessible toilet. The trail includes a few legs with duckboards and several rest stops.

Degree of challenge

The first leg of the trail (ca 1.1 km) passes in quite an even terrain along a broad, built path. A leg with stones and roots here and there follows the accessible leg, but the path is still quite easy. The trail goes through an even terrain with no steep ascents.

Good to know

On the trail, you get on with normal running shoes but, at rainy weather, shoes for humid weather are recommended. At rainy or cold weather, the duckboards may be slippery. The trail is passable when there is no snow. The Leave No Trace policy is followed in the area, which means everyone takes their rubbish away. The trail is connected with the Kettumäki-Kalajärvi-Sovintola outdoor recreation route and the cycling route around Lake Kalajärvi.

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