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Kitinoja Church

Kitinoja Church is located in Ylistaro in Seinäjoki. Consecrated in 1952, the village church was designed by Kauno S. Kallio. The local residents volunteered for the building work, which was primarily funded with donations. The church building and the graveyard surrounding it are owned by Kitinoja’s village church association. Seinäjoki parish rents the building from the association.

The church’s first altarpiece was painted by the then vicar, who donated the painting to the church. The current altarpiece was painted by Professor Veikko Vionoja and it depicts Jesus blessing children in Kitinoja. The church is a single-nave church with seating for 250 people. Thanks to its excellent acoustics, it is a popular recording location for choirs and orchestras. Guided tours of the church are available upon request.