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Kuortane Church

Completed in 1777, Kuortane Church was designed and built by Antti Antinpoika Hakola (1704-1778), originally from Alahärmä.

The church is built in the shape of a cross. The corners at the end of the arms and the corners between the arms are slanted, with the church having 24 corners. The church seats about 1,200 people. The hipped shingle roof is steep, and the church has high vaulted ceilings. The church roof is topped by a 10-metre tower with an onion dome, which symbolises the flame of the Holy Spirit. The dome has a cross with a copper cockerel on top of it.

According to local lore, the cockerel was donated to the church as a reminder that all must wake from the sleep of sin by parishioners who had been confirmed at the church. The lore always says that the cockerel can take a barrel of rye.