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Alajärvi Youth Association’s house

The Alajärvi Youth Association’s house from 1919 is one of the structures designed by Alvar Aalto during his student years. It is also Aalto’s first design for a public building.

The current youth association house, formerly the Civil Guard House, was completed in 1920 and inaugurated on November 28, 1920. The building served as the headquarters for the Alajärvi Civil Guard and the local chapter of Lotta Svärd until 1946. In 1946, the building was transferred to the Alajärvi Church Village Youth Association, which still owns the building.

The youth association house is located in its original location along Sairaalatie near the center of Alajärvi. However, the house was largely reconstructed in 1983 due to a fire. During the restoration, the youth association house was returned to its original appearance, and the new inauguration took place in 1985. The Alajärvi Church Village Youth Association maintains and renovates the building with allocated funds and grants.

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