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Arpainen hiking trail

Located along the border of Ähtäri and Soini, the Arpainen hiking trail encompasses the most spectacular natural features of the region, including rugged ridges, fens and numerous lakes. The highlights of the route, which is dozens of kilometres long and traverses varied terrain, include the Arpainen ridge formation, the culturally significant Löytöperä, and the Matosuo bog area with its duckboards and numerous bird species.

Overall, the trail is more than 50 kilometres long, but hikers can also choose from three shorter routes:

  • Kalevin kiekka loop 3.5 km
  • Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut – Saarilampi shelter 4.3 km
  • Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut – Arpainen lake 0.4 km

The outdoor area’s centre is the Arpaiskämppä wilderness hut, which is suitable for overnight stays and includes a fireplace, a firewood shed, an outhouse, a sauna by the river, and a firepit. Arpaiskämppä is located about 28 kilometres from Ähtäri Zoo and the centre of Soini. Visitors can also pitch a tent in the area.

The trails are also suitable for fatbiking and trail running. Additional information and maps are available at www.arpainen.fi