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The 7 km Hermanninlenkki is loop trail, completed in the summer of 2021, starts from the Kaihiharju parking area (Multiantie 495, about 1.5 km on a gravel road to the parking area). The route partially follows the trail of Arpaisten patikka, a challenging accessible nature path, and the Hermanninpolku trail. The route is suitable for both children and adults and can be hiked or mountain biked. Along the route, you’ll encounter varied terrain, including ridges, swamps, spruce forests, and the ruins of Hermanni Kaipainen’s dwelling. There are several designated campfire and resting spots along the way. They provide a pleasant place to take a break, enjoy food, and admire the scenery. By the shores of Lake Kaihijärvi, there is a shelter, a campfire site atop Kaihiharju, and at Hermanni’s cabin, the opportunity to have a bonfire in a traditional-style indoor fireplace.

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