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Ideapark Seinäjoki

Ideapark Seinäjoki’s total area is a whopping seven hectares, with over 100 attractive stores of all kinds. In addition to the stores, restaurants and entertainment, Ideapark’s services include a day-care centre, a pharmacy, opticians, a fitness centre, hairdressing and barber salons, and health services.

The greatest entertainment centre in ostrobothnia

Great fun for adults and kids! Ideapark in Seinäjoki is a great place to have fun and enjoy fantastic experiences! Its wide entertainment offering ensures fun activities for everyone to brighten up everyday life. The Hollywood Entertainment Centre, Dudesons Activity Park indoor amusement park, E-Sports Arena, Veikkaus Pelaamo Gaming Arcade, and the Central Arena for events offer great experiences for the whole family & groups of friends.

Every month, Ideapark’s 2,500 square-metre Central Arena hosts free concerts and amazing events. Up to 5,000 spectators can enjoy experiences at the Arena.

Ideapark Seinäjoki is easy to reach!

Ideapark Seinäjoki is located in the district of Jouppi, about 2km from the city centre. Its location between main road 67 and Suupohjantie road ensures easy access. Ideapark is also accessible by pedestrian and cycle routes, and conveniently by public transport, taking you right to the main entrance.

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