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Jari Mäki Oy

A piece of America in Ostrobothnia

Located in Koskenkorva, Jari Mäki Oy specialises in all things American. The shop exudes the American spirit and visitors would be forgiven for thinking they have arrived in rural Texas.

In Jari Mäki’s shop, you can find parts and accessories for American cars, interesting American clothes and interior design products, great gifts and numerous useful items.

Most of the products can also be bought via the online shop but occasionally there are small batches of special products that are not available online. The shop is well worth a visit!

Jari Mäki – Koskenkorva West Ranch

With its ranch-style design complete with a white corral fence, this shop is a spectacular place to visit. In the yard, you are greeted by Texan oil lamps, an authentic American fire hydrant and a replica of the Statue of Liberty. In summer, heifers graze in the yard area.

In addition to offering an opportunity to make real finds, Jari Mäki Oy arranges guided tours that give visitors an interesting introduction to the extensive collection of cars, the yard area, repair shop operations and the ranch. You can learn more about the history of the company and the funny and exciting events that have occurred over the years. The shop premises also showcase a wide range of treasures. These include a guitar owned by Kari Tapio, a Finnish music icon, singer Irwin Goodman’s jukebox and President Kekkonen’s car and boat.

The guided tour lasts for 20–60 minutes, depending on its extent. It is possible to have an introduction to the cars alone. The price is €4 per person. Booking is recommended for larger groups.

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