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Kyrkösjärvi cycling route

The Kyrkösjärvi cycling route offers ideal cycling conditions along gravel roads through forests and by a lakeshore. Kyrkösjärvi is located just four kilometres from the centre of Seinäjoki.

The Kyrkösjärvi cycling route runs in a beautiful rural area in the Seinäjoki region, circling around the lake. There are lean-tos along the route, which make ideal spots for enjoying a snack. The pictures show the Järvilaavu lean-to.

The route starts from next to Kyrkösjärvi beach, where you can also find a map of the area. A café operates in the area in summer, and there is also a frisbee golf course, a canoeing centre and the Käpälikkö nature centre, which is open all year round. The route is signposted. It runs along scenic roads through forests and along the lakeshore.

Unfortunately, the paper map of the route contains incorrect information about the southern side of the lake. The correct route runs further south than the one marked on the map but the route is signposted. The route continues to Rengonkylä before turning back towards the starting point.