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Mallaskoski Brewery and brewery shop

Mallaskosken Panimo, which belongs to one of the oldest craft breweries in Finland, draws inspiration for brewing its beers from the somber essence of the Ostrobothnian landscape. In Mallaskoski, the sun doesn’t shine, life doesn’t smile, and idle chatter doesn’t interest.

In 2021, it marked 100 years since Johan Wallenius, the founder of Mallaskosken Panimo, started beverage production by the roaring rapids.

Production continues to this day at the same location, using the same heritage yeast and the expertise of first-class craftsmanship. Adjacent to the brewery is the brewery restaurant, where the terrace offers splendid views of the rapids of the Seinäjoki River.

Welcome to explore our brewery operations, and at the same time, you can purchase any of the brewery’s products below 12% directly from the brewery’s own shop. The current selection in the brewery shop can also be found in our online store.

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