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Mallaskoski Brewery Restaurant

Mallaskoski Brewery Restaurant operates side by side with Seinäjoki’s own microbrewery. The restaurant is a privately-owned business, led by a spirited mother of three young boys. Our restaurant is located in the midst of nature, just a short walk from the center of Seinäjoki, next to the old water tower. We have two large sunlit terraces.

During the summer season, we are open almost every day from late April until the end of August. In addition to our microbrewery beers, our regular offerings include tasty pub food, live performances, and summer theater.

Live music plays on the terrace stage weekly. The performers of live nights start their music well in advance, always at 8:00 PM. So, you can come and enjoy live music even if the next day doesn’t permit a slow morning. There is always free admission to these nights. In case of heavier summer rain, the bands may play indoors or on the lower terrace, where there is covered space for the audience.

We have food and drink options for everyone! From the menu, you can order pub-style food prepared with domestically sourced ingredients. For groups, various menu options are available upon advance order. The beers of Mallaskosken Panimo are, of course, a significant part of our selection.

In the fall and winter, we focus on private events and your celebrations. Whether you’re thinking of Christmas parties, engagements, weddings, birthdays, or any reason to celebrate, you can celebrate them with us at Mallaskoski! We can also arrange quality entertainment from bands to stand-up comedy. Additionally, we offer catering services, beer training, brewery tours, and tastings. Beer training and tastings can also be conducted at the customer’s own premises.

On the Mallaskosken Panimo Brewery Tours, you get to explore beer behind the scenes. We offer tours upon request on weekdays after 3:00 PM and on weekends by separate agreement. During the approximately one-hour tour, you will learn about the history of Mallaskoski, go through the brewing process and ingredients on the brewery side, and finally, on the restaurant side, you can taste and smell different styles of beers in about deciliter servings. This training is conducted with a smile.