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Seinäjoen Oppaat Tourist Guide Association

Seinäjoen Oppaat Tourist Guide Association’s authorised guides can offer an introduction to this interesting city and tell fascinating stories about it. The guides’ language selection includes Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian and Japanese.

Our guided tours allow you to see the vibrant, rapidly developing Seinäjoki from a new perspective. You get to hear stories related to the city’s history, way of living and entrepreneurship. You can soak up the atmosphere at different sites where many interesting events are held, and enjoy the natural surroundings of this outdoorsy city. On our guided walks, you can view the most beautiful details of buildings and memorials, see Seinäjoki from the top of the Cross of the Plains church, listen to stories while strolling along the riverbank, or travel in time to the early 20th century. 

In summer, Seinäjoki’s guides arrange scheduled guided tours, in which you can participate on your own or with a friend or a small group. Tickets for these tours are available from the association’s online shop.

You can book a private tour (read more on our website) from the office of Visit Lakeus all year round by sending an email to: sales@visitlakeus.fi