Kurikka – an entrepreneurial town amid nature

Explore the Devil’s Nest and hike on nature trails

Kurikka’s numerous nature trails offer ideal conditions for hiking. A popular route running through Jyllinkoski woods is particularly beautiful. Other popular hiking routes include the Nuijapolku, Karhunpolku, Korven Jotos, Kurjen kierros and Sällinpolku trails. In Ylivalli, Jalasjärvi, you can explore the mythical Devil’s Nest, a cavity formed over millions of years, which was believed to be the devil’s hiding place. In some parts, the cavity is up to 23 metres deep. The area houses a 21-metre viewing tower, a summer café and hut, a statue of the Finnish comedian Spede Pasanen, a one-kilometre nature trail and a signposted 7.5 km hiking route through the beautiful countryside.

Rich culture and local traditions

At the Kurikka, Jalasjärvi and Jurva museums, visitors can learn about local handicrafts through historical objects and tools used by farming communities. Jurva also has a carpentry museum, the only one of its kind in Finland.

Kurikka Museum also offers an introduction to the work of Professor Samuli Paulaharju, a well-known collector of local folklore and traditions, and wedding musician and accordion manufacturer Sameli Elomaa.

Located within a few minutes’ drive of the centre of Kurikka, the Jyllinkoski Power Station Museum presents the wonders of power production in a spectacular setting by a river dam. The area also houses the Information Technology Museum, which boasts a large number of information technology devices dating from different eras, including radios and mobile phones.

Relaxed gatherings, cool rhythms and numerous other events

Kurikka hosts numerous events each year. The music festival Ilsut is arranged at Jalasjärvi’s sports hall every autumn and spring, when it kicks off Kurikka’s festival season. In July, the Haku Päällä matchmaking festival brings a wide range of concerts, a party atmosphere and events to suit all tastes to the centre of Kurikka. In mid-August, Jalasjärvi hosts the Jalaspop festival. Held in late summer, the Rytmiraide festival is a relaxed and atmospheric music festival arranged in the idyllic milieu of Restaurant Wanha Asema, operating in Kurikka’s former railway station.

Other annual events include summer market fairs, the Matti Viitala folk music festival, a horse swimming competition, the e-sports event QrikkaLan and fairs in Kurikka, Jalasjärvi and Jurva, as well as numerous other sports and music events.

Thrill of speed and activities

Motor sports fans can head to either the Botniaring racing course in Jurva or the Murtoharju racing course in Jalasjärvi. They host several high-quality competitions during the summer.

The Kiuaskallio sports resort in Jalasjärvi offers a wide range of activities. The resort has a sports field, ski slope, cross-country skiing, orienteering, hiking and running routes, a sports hall, tennis courts, a frisbee golf course, a shooting range and a roller-skiing trail.

At the sports park located in the centre of Kurikka, you can enjoy beautiful river scenery while jogging or walking. The area also houses an athletics field, Finnish baseball field, beach volleyball court, frisbee golf course and an outdoor gym. In winter, an ice-skating rink is created on the site. A pump track, the first of its kind in South Ostrobothnia, was recently completed in an area next to Kurikka ice hall.

Dance acrobatics and team sports feature prominently in Kurikka’s recreational activities. Eira Nevanpää’s acrobatics and gymnastics school offers courses in circus acrobatics, for example.  Kurikan Ryhti’s cheerleading club has both competitive and non-competitive teams.

In summer, you can pick one of the three outdoor pools in Kurikka for a relaxing swim. Located in Niemenkylä, Sarvijoki and Närvijoki, these pools offer a great atmosphere and are ideal for families. Jurva is a dream destination for frisbee golf players because Säläisjärvi has an 18-hole course situated in a beautiful setting with varied terrain. In winter, you can go skiing on Jurva’s fabulous ski tracks or watch biathlon races at the town’s biathlon stadium. Thanks to a ski track prepared with a snowmaking machine, you can get a head start on the cross-country skiing season in Kurikka.

Municipality of Kurikka

With its roots in agriculture and nature, Kurikka has a population of 22,000. The town has long traditions in enterprise and it is characterised by great team spirit. As a result of a municipal merger, Kurikka consists of the regions of Kurikka, Jurva and Jalasjärvi. The diversity of the area guarantees that both residents and visitors can find interesting things to do. With its natural beauty, numerous events and extensive cultural programme, Kurikka offers plenty to see and do for the whole family.

Kurikka: What to see and experience