Lapua – a modern South Ostrobothnian town

Lapua is a lively, interesting, safe and energetic town. It is a place of thriving businesses and happy people.

This South Ostrobothnian town, with about 14,500 residents, is home to a wide range of cultural events, facilities and leisure activities: Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku, Simpsiö ski centre and nature trails, museums, galleries, theatres, events, outdoor swimming pools and sports halls, fields and competitions offer plenty to see and do.

In Lapua, the great outdoors can be enjoyed amid varied landscapes: traditional low-lying farmlands, rivers and Simpsiö Hill ensure that the region offers different and diverse natural surroundings in terms of its terrain and fauna. Here, you can spend an action-packed or relaxing day on your own, with a friend or with a larger group or family – a great time is guaranteed.

When you make big promises, you must deliver on them. We are good today – we will be even better tomorrow. A community spirit, an enterprising attitude and innovations safeguard our future. In Lapua, it is never either-or, but always both-and. We are taking a step forward from ‘good’ and strive towards ‘better’. Our ‘both-and’ attitude means that we are open to new ideas, growth and development.

Panoramic views from Simpsiö Hill

When the plains of South Ostrobothnia were covered by the sea, waves rounded and smoothed the stones on the Simpsiö shore. Now this rocky, ancient sea shore lies on the southern slope of Simpsiö Hill, which rises 132 metres above sea level.

Locally, Simpsiö is often given the grandiose name of mountain. It is a popular nature attraction, thanks to the trails crisscrossing the forests, equipped with signs that provide information on the local flora and fauna. The area’s viewing tower is an ideal location for spotting birds and admiring the views, exercise stairs offer a great opportunity for a workout, and cross-country routes are guaranteed to give you that adrenaline rush. The slopes of the Simpsiö ski centre are up to 600 metres long and the area also offers an illuminated ten-kilometre cross-country ski trail.

Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku – a new life for an old factory

Boasting a unique history and setting, Vanha Paukku is an interesting cultural and business centre on the banks of the Lapuanjoki. The centre, which is located in the former premises of Lapua’s ammunition factory, houses Lapua city museums, Patruuna Gallery, the Ostrobothnian Photographic Centre Gallery and the municipal library.

You can buy souvenirs and gifts in the Lapuan Kankurit outlet shop and the museum shop Paukun Taika. Restaurant Iso Prässi serves lunch and it is also available for functions. An old warehouse building houses a cosy café-bar Café Patruuna. The area’s other services include the Bio Marilyn cinema, Theatre Lapua and the local Music Institute and adult learning centre. In summer, Vanha Paukku serves as a starting point for guided sightseeing cruises on a river boat along Lapuanjoki.

A garden centre with plenty to see

Jokilaakso Garden Centre boasts more than a thousand plant species, inviting visitors to test their knowledge of plants, and its perennials, shrubs and annuals bring joy to local residents and travellers alike every summer. The century-old buildings that used to belong to a women’s agricultural institute give the area a tranquil atmosphere.

Admire the edible plants, breathe in the fragrance of conifers, allow yourself to be enchanted by the rose garden and relax underneath apple trees. Children always love the fluffy farm animals, and you can try your luck at fishing and grill sausages on the river bank.

Lively Lapua – a town packed with events

Be inspired by Lapua’s numerous festivals and other events. Enjoy theatre performances and top sports competitions.

Most of Lapua’s cultural events are arranged in the area of Culture Centre Vanha Paukku. The largest annual events are the Vanha Paukku Festival, arranged in July, and a two-day fair in November, which kicks off the Christmas season. Smaller events are held regularly all year round. With its high-quality performances, Theatre Lapua is also an active operator in the area.

Arranged every May, the regional Lakeus Kukkii gardening event attracts enthusiastic gardeners to Jokilaakso Garden Centre. The international Lapua Organ Music Festival, which is held every other year, brings top organ players to Lapua Cathedral. In addition to music and culture events, Lapua offers plenty to experience for sports fans. Lapuan Virkiä’s women’s Finnish baseball team and the Korikobrat men’s basketball team bring top-level games to Lapua. Lapua offers things to see, do and enjoy all year round.