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Tohni Church Road

The Tohni Church Road route offers history, art, local design and beautiful nature. It was named after the Old Man of Tohni.

The old stories told in Tohni in Töysä mention the Old Man of Tohni as one of the builders of Isokyrö’s stone church. According to legend, on one of his journeys, the old man carried a huge boulder he found in Simpsiö in Lapua all the way to Isokyrö. Even today, the window below a large stone in the western wall of the church is called Tohni’s window. The route travels through the centres of Kuortane, Lapua, Ylistaro and Isokyrö, where you can find restaurants, shops, museums, hotels and other accommodation as well as petrol stations with chargers for electric bikes. The route also takes you past two beautiful churches: Ylistaro Church, known locally as the ‘Handsome Church’ because of its status as one of the largest churches in Finland, and the old Isokyrö Church, which dates back to the 16th century.

Along the route, you can experience the South Ostrobothnian landscapes in all their glory. You will see vast fields that turn into the gently rolling woodlands in Simpsiö in Lapua and the Sarvikas rapids located in the village of Ylijoki in Kuortane. The five rapids are located along a 3.6 km stretch of the river. Fishers in particular will find the area an interesting place to stop. You can also find accommodation in the area.