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Kosola House

Built in 1861, Kosola House has witnessed many interesting historical events. It epitomises South Ostrobothnian history and its special characteristics: knife-fighters and local sheriffs, its enterprising spirit, the promotion of learning, thriving agriculture, and popular movements such as youth associations, migration to America, pietism, the Jaeger movement and the nationalist Lapua movement. The house and people in it played a role in all these events. Located at the heart of South Ostrobothnia in the culturally significant environment of Lapua Cathedral, the history of Kosola House is a story of violence and stability, power and opposition.

The building is also one of the largest remaining traditional Ostrobothnian houses. The two-and-half storey building has a floor area of almost 800 square metres. Every inch of this space is now being renovated to its former glory using traditional methods.

Because of its history, location and handsome style, the house is a popular visitor attraction, which also has memorable stories to tell. During the renovation, we offer tours that provide an introduction to the restoration work. It could well be that the next opportunity to see such work in progress at Kosola will be in a hundred years’ time.

The renovation is aimed at turning the house into a hub of South Ostrobothnian culture. While we wait for the work to be completed, we are arranging day trips with various cultural and historical themes for bus groups.

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