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Iironrannan Puuhi

Iironrannan PUUHI in Soini is owned by Kyläpääskyt ry and is a place where old and new architecture meet in an old courtyard. The new building was designed by the architect Anssi Lassila, who was awarded the Pro Finlandia medal.

The main room and chamber of the over 100-year-old log building have been restored, and the exterior of the building has been renovated. The original garden of Ranta-aho House has been preserved. Visitors can explore the architecture, history, and courtyard of the site independently or request a guided tour. The area offers a moment of tranquility and the opportunity to be in nature. You can enjoy a picnic on the steps of the old cottage or take photographs in the birch grove of the courtyard.

Iironranta PUUHI also hosts various cultural events.