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South Ostrobothnian Booze Cruise

The South Ostrobothnian Booze Cruise cycling route combines South Ostrobothnian craft and brewing skills with varied landscapes. The route travels through Isokyrö, Kurikka, Ilmajoki and Seinäjoki.

Rather than an encouragement to drink and ride, the South Ostrobothnian Booze Cruise is an invitation to explore breweries and distilleries based in South Ostrobothnia. Finland’s best-known spirits also originate here. A lot of people have tasted Koskenkorva, but how many have been there? This cycling route offers you an opportunity do just that. The route travels through Isokyrö, Kurikka, Ilmajoki and Seinäjoki. Along the route, you can stop by the well-known Kyrö Distillery in Isokyrö and the Koskenkorva Trahteeri resort and museum in Koskenkorva. Ylistaro in Seinäjoki is home to the beverage factory Pirula. You can also do a little detour to Seinäjoki and visit Mallaskoski Brewery by the old water tower. South Ostrobothnia’s newest brewery operates on the premises of Kurikka’s old Lakkitehdas hat factory in Panttila. While the old factory area is packed with history, the brewery is still brand new.

The route also runs past Orisberg Manor, where you can visit the manor’s old chapel and stay the night on a campsite. The route takes you across typical South Ostrobothnian landscapes featuring vast fields, forests and idyllic villages. Along the route, you can find historical sites and more unconventional visitor attractions, such as Ylistaro Church and Jari Mäki’s American-style ranch and shop in Koskenkorva.