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Suksenjärvi tour

Suksenjärvi tour trail leads from the heath terrain of the Parra Leisure Centre towards Sivin kämppä, an old cabin, passing by Lake Suksenjärvi. Along the trail, there are commercial forests of different ages. You can experience a sense of wilderness by Lake Suksenjärvi, where you can climb two bird-watching towers and spot a wide range of avian species during the spring migration and nesting periods. The hiker can stop and take a break in simple cabins or at a lean-to.

To the starting point of the trail

Starting point 1

Parra Leisure Centre, parking area
Parrantie 27
64700 Teuva
(WGS84) N62 25.616 E21 49.688

In front of the parking area, behind the trees, in the middle of the buildings, there is a large route map, in the vicinity of which there are wooden signposts (e.g. Sivin kämppä) and wooden poles with blue ends to mark the trail. The trail is part of the Muinaisvuori trails, connected with Pappilankangas, Teuva, and Karijoki (Kakkori, Peurajärvi, and the centre of the municipality).

Trail description

The trail starts from the parking area of the Parra Leisure Centre, crossing soon the junction of Itämetsäntei/Mäntymetsäntie and Hautaharjuntie Road, which the trail follows until it crosses Luovantie Road. After this, the trail runs along varied tracks in different kinds of forests and along field edges. The humid area in the northern part of Mäntyneva bog can be circumvented walking along the hummocks at its edge. The southwest part of the bog passes by a virgin forest. The trail continues to the Järvikämppä cabin, after which it crosses Järvitie Road. The next destination is Lake Suksenjärvi, an almost overgrown bird lake with two birdwatching towers and a lean-to. From Suksenjärvi, the trail goes on to Sivin kämppä, used as a rest hut. From there, the trail returns the same way, or you can also e.g. order a taxi to Sivin kämppä to take you back to the starting point. At Järvikämppä and Sivin kämppä, you can rest a while in a simple, old cabin, where you can feel the old times. The trail features diversified nature, from virgin forests to commercial forests, and fine details. The lakeside forests of Lake Suksenjärvi, favoured by cranes, represent the lushest vegetation along the trail. The avian fauna is at its best in April-May.

Degree of challenge

The trail passes in a varied terrain along forest and lakeside paths, forest roads, and field edges. The trail is mainly easy to walk. In the terrain, there are several wet spots the hiker must negotiate; however, there is only a short walk from the duckboards e.g. to the northern birdwatching tower. During rainy and cold weather, the duckboards may be slippery. The trail has few elevation variations and no steep sections.

Good to know

The trail is frequently used by ATVs, which often make deep imprints in it. The most humid terrains on the Mäntyneva bog are in the vicinity of the virgin forest and the northern birdwatching tower, where the trail is flooded during the flood season. Even in the autumn and during the snowless season of winter, the water may be ankle-deep, for which waterproof boots are recommended. During completely dry weather, you are fine with running boots. The path is partly grassed over, for which long-sleeve hiking trousers are advisable. The trail features several rest stops and campfire sites, woodsheds at the cabins, and toilets (see the map). Bring your own toilet paper. The Leave No Trace policy is followed in the area, which means everyone takes their rubbish away.

Download and print the route description and map here!

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