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Midsummer´s Dream cycling route

The Midsummer’s Dream route offers an excellent introduction to South Ostrobothnian nature, villages and local lifestyles and character. While travelling mostly across typical South Ostrobothnian fields, the route also runs through villages and meanders amid forests.

The circular route travels via Kauhajoki, Kurikka and Jalasjärvi. At the southern end of Kauhajoki, you can see the spectacular Katikankanjoni, a canyon that is 20 metres deep in certain places. Towards Kauhajoki after Katikankanjoni, the route travels across the Hyyppä river valley, which has been classified as a nature site of national importance. It is a fissure valley resulting from the erosion of joints in the bedrock. The route from Kauhajoki to Kurikka takes you along idyllic roads that follow the Kyrö River through small villages. From Kurikka, you head south towards Jalasjärvi and then to Kauhajoki.

Jalasjärvi in Kurikka is home to one of the region’s largest textile companies, Jokipiin Pellava, which has a factory shop that is open on weekdays. In Ilvesjoki in Kurikka, you can find the alcohol factory Pramia, which also has a factory shop and a café. Close to Pramia, you can visit Alpon Savanni, a sculpture park by a contemporary folk artist who uses recycled materials. The charming park displays 150 animal sculptures. Another tour de force of one man’s imagination can be found further ahead along the route in Kammi Village, a group of wooden buildings built on boggy land. It is definitely worth a visit.

In addition to landscapes dominated by fields and the river, the route also takes you through wooded areas. Nummijärvi, which hosts the Nummirock festival every Midsummer, is also located along the route. The length of the route is about 123 km.

Parts of the route do not contain cycling lanes, and the smaller roads, in particular, are narrow and without a proper hard shoulder. They may also be used by large agricultural machines. Even though other users of the road are typically considerate, you should still be cautious in these sections.

Alpon Savanni along the route is an interesting place to explore. It contains animal sculptures made by a contemporary folk artist who uses recycled materials.

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