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While this route can be travelled in either direction, one option is to take a train to Ähtäri and visit Ähtäri Zoo before hopping on a bike. In addition to Finnish animals, the zoo is home to two pandas, Lumi and Pyry. Ähtäri offers a wide range of accommodation.

The Ähtäri–Evijärvi route consists of varied terrain. The northern part of the route travels through south Ostrobothnia’s lake district, which is home to Europe’s largest crater lake, Lappajärvi, created about 76 million years ago when the area was hit by a large meteorite. Hotel Kivitippu in Lappajärvi houses a meteorite exhibition where visitors can embark on a virtual space journey. In Vimpeli, the cycling route runs next to the Lakeaharju and Pyhävuori ridges, which are the raised edges of crater and reach a height of 100 metres. The route offers views over beautiful Ostrobothnian farming land and also travels through some wooded areas, along with villages. Soini is home to Finland’s only alms box in the shape of a pauper woman, and in Alajärvi, you can see numerous buildings designed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. And if you happen to be in Vimpeli at the right time, you can join the local fans and catch an atmospheric Finnish baseball game on Saarikenttä, Vimpeli’s Finnish baseball stadium built on a river island.