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Jyllinkoski Nature Trail

The Jyllinkoski Nature Trail combines nature and history of electricity production in a fascinating way. Lush groves with demanding plants thrive in the steepbanked river valley in the middle of the South Ostrobothnian fieldscape. As a large dam in the River Kyrönjoki, Jyllinkoski also represents the history and present of South Ostrobothnian river construction. Along the nature trail leading to Kiskonniemi, you see rich nature and a lush riverbank forest. The atmosphere of Jyllinkoski is comprised of varying terrain, lush forests, quiet backwaters, and fierce roar of the rapids.

To the starting point of the trail

Starting point

Jyllinkoskentie 126
61300 Kurikka
(WGS84) N62° 35.67084′ E22° 23.68836′

The parking area is situated between a summer kiosk and Power Station Museum. Back and forth, the trail is 1.5 km long.

Other information

An accessible Family Trail, the total length of which is 1.2 km, also starts from the same place. The Family Trail is easy and suits hikers who prefer a light option. In the immediate vicinity of the starting point, there is a playground for children and a kiosk open in the summer.

Trail description

The Jyllinkoski Nature Trail passes along a river valley with steep banks to Kiskonniemi. The trail is line segment-form, and the distance back and forth is 1.5 km. The nature trail offers splendid views and physical challenge. The trail is suitable to hikers interested in a slightly more challenging terrain. Because of its shortness, many children, too, are able to walk the entire trail. The trail is clearly marked in the terrain, as stairs and duckboards show the way. In addition, the intersections are comprehensively signposted.

Level of difficulty

The trail includes some steep ascents. The steepest points are equipped with stairs and the wettest points with duckboards, respectively, which facilitate the hike. Some of the slopes and duckboards may be considerably slippery during humid or cold weather.

Good to know

Along the trail, there is a scenic viewpoint at the old dam, offering an impressive view of the rapids. There is no toilet along the route. In the parking area, there is a kiosk open in the summer. The trail is passable when there is no snow. In the nature conservation area, pets must be kept on a leash. The Leave No Trace policy is followed in the area, which means everyone takes their own rubbish away. Stout shoes suit the trail best, even though, at a dry season, you also get on with lighter shoes. Otherwise, dressing normally for weather is sufficient.


The landscape of Jyllinkoski is exceptional in South Ostrobothnia. The difference in altitude of the rapids is 12.5 m, and length about 400 m. Because of this, the rapids have the biggest difference in altitude in the region. The rapids start from a dam built at their head. In the 1870s, the first dam was built from natural stones. The current dam was built in 1913. The dam has been raised twice. The bottom and slopes of the river valley have nutritious soil, which offers an ideal habitat for several demanding eutrophic species. At Jyllinkoski, there are several species found in only a few places in South Ostrobothnia. The lush river valley is also inhabited by demanding avian species and, e.g., flying squirrels. Together with the groves of Pitkämönranta, the groves of Jyllinkoski form a valuable piece of nature, the key parts of which have been protected as nature conservation areas. The flora and fauna of the area have been studied through nature surveys. The trail leading to Kiskonniemi features varied nature and the atmosphere of a lush riparian forest. At Kiskonniemi, sheep have been pastured for some years, and the area has been taken care of as a traditional landscape. The atmosphere of Jyllinkoski is comprised of varying terrain, lush forests, quiet backwaters, and the fierce roar of the rapids. Seasons have left a strong mark in the landscape.

Interesting information about the trail

The landscapes of the Jyllinkoski Nature Trail have been heavily shaped by culture. The Jyllinkoski dam and the Power Station Museum strongly connect Jyllinkoski with the history of the nearby areas. Jyllinkoski was for a long time an important agent in business life, and the name still brings back the electricity company. The memorial rock of the Kisko family and the traditional cultural landscape talk about the strong housing and agricultural traditions in the region. Located close to the centre of Kurikka, Jyllinkoski is close to diversified services. The Jyllinkoski Power Station Park features a museum open at request, which exhibits the history of Jyllinkoski in electricity production. Moreover, IT museum activities take place in the adjacent building. Sports Services of the Town of Kurikka rents out canoes in the summer, which provides the opportunity to do canoeing in the area of Jyllinkoski. Canoes can be rented at the marketplace café operating in the centre of Kurikka, at Asematie 8.

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