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Jyllinkoski Power Station Museum

The Jyllinkoski Power Plant and Information Technology Museum is located in the Jyllinkoski ravine in Kurikka. The ravine, which is surrounded by natural meadows, is about 25 metres deep. You can combine a tour of the museum with a visit to a unique nature reserve. It is home to several species of plants and birds that are otherwise rare in the region.

The Jyllinkoski Power Plant Museum is one of a kind in Finland. It was established in 1987 on the premises of the former Jyllinkoski power plant, which was in operation from 1913 to 1970. The facility, complete with generators, controllers and gauges, has been restored to its former glory. The museum offers visitors an interesting introduction to the power plant and its electricity generation operations.

The Information Technology Museum transferred to the premises in 2010 when the property was donated to it. The museum’s information technology section showcases a wide range of communication technology devices, such as video equipment, cameras and technology used by the army.

The spaces can also be booked for events and functions. The premises and the surrounding nature reserve with its nature trails offer an excellent setting for companies’ workplace well-being and recreational events.
A local catering company can arrange refreshments for your event.

The museum association renovated the buildings with the assistance of volunteers. Their contribution to the project was significant, amounting to a total of 10 person-years. The renovation project was funded by the EU, the municipality of Kurikka and private donors. In 2017, the renovated and landscaped museum area was granted the Ilkka newspaper’s Kulttuurikilpi cultural recognition by the Artturi Leinonen jury.

In the summer, the museum is open every day between 12 noon and 6 pm. The museum is also open to groups at other times.

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